The Kardashians (source: TV Insider)

I have a funny story about Kim Kardashian. Twenty-some years ago, I was the horoscope columnist for the American version of “Harper’s Bazaar” online. I was hired when Kate Betts ran the magazine. Shortly after I got the job, Glenda Bailey replaced Kate Betts. I remember a couple of things about the transition. First of all, I was told in confidence by my editor that Bailey didn’t even like to use email. She was sort of tech dinosaur according to my well-placed source. She also had no confidence in the “Bazaar” website, which is the reason I was let go shortly after she came on board as editor-in-chief. Yet the thing that I remember the most about Bailey is that my editor told me that I shouldn’t mention Kim Kardashian in my column because Bailey was “sick” of hearing about her.

Flash forward to today. Kim Kardashian and her family are still hogging the spotlight. Never mind that Bailey’s instincts about almost everything else were completely wrong, but she couldn’t have been more off-base with her assessment of America’s royal family. She didn’t even need to like any of them to acknowledge that change was in the air, and the age of social media was giving birth to a new kind of superstar. All she needed to do was to accept that technology was about to change our lives.

I might not be the first person to jump onto technological trends, but I’m no tech dinosaur, either. For that reason, I ordered a new computer the other day — the same day that my progressed moon moved into my tenth house. I’ve had this one forever, and I’m afraid that if I don’t upgrade it soon, I might get left behind if my career prospects improve.

With Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in my fifth house, it makes sense to me that I’m finally acknowledging that I need to avoid “extinction” by reexamining my social media presence and how I interact with the world-at-large. I’ve been far too introverted during the pandemic, and instead of using the free time I had during the lockdowns to “build my brand,” I retreated onto an island of my own. It’s time for me to try to make my presence known again, like I did two decades ago when I got hired at “Harper’s Bazaar.”

Hopefully, my new computer will help. I believe it’s not going to arrive for another five weeks, so in the meantime I just need to stay focused on this goal. I’m going to start by practicing to look natural in the images of myself I share online, like Kourtney Kardashian in the photo I posted above . . .

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    I wrote this post a year ago today. While I didn’t live up to the promises I made myself while several planets were transiting my fifth house, I didn’t exactly retreat into the shadows, either. Curiously, people are more interested in my “other life” lately, so maybe I can get something going again while the seventh house of my horoscope is highlighted.


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