John Waters (source: The New York Times Magazine)

April 22 is John Waters birthday.

I don’t recall looking at John Waters’ natal chart before. Of course, I don’t have a time of birth for the director, but I did see what I expected to see when I pulled up his horoscope on

Well, that’s not completely true. I thought that he might have a Cancer moon and maybe a few important Capricorn placements. That would explain his preoccupation with nostalgia and kitsch. I have similar placements and I adore many of the things that John Waters adores.

What I found was the opposite: he has a Capricorn moon and Saturn in Cancer (he most likely has Mars in Cancer, too, but the planet moved into Leo sometime after noon on the day he was born).

The mutual reception between the moon and Saturn is what intrigues me. It sort of explains everything about John Waters. It makes two poorly-placed planets and brings them together as if they were in a conjunction. And of course it does it between the signs I associate with the concepts of reverence for the past and the relationship between status and taste. Essentially, this mutual reception turns those concepts upside down and inside out.

I believe that people who don’t understand John Waters only look at him as someone who makes fun of the past and what we once seemed to value. However, Waters is the farthest thing from an arbiter of taste who turns his nose up at the ridiculousness of culture. Like me, he probably believes that good taste is the most overrated force in the universe.

I’d love to know what time he was born so that I could figure out where these planets are situated in his chart. I have a weird, yet spectacular mutual reception between Mercury in Sagittarius in the third house and Jupiter in Gemini in the ninth house in my own chart. I look at it as a defining aspect of my character. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Waters’ moon in the fourth house and his Saturn in the tenth. That would just add more power to this unique alignment of the two planets.

Maybe I’ll find out one day, or maybe I won’t. In the meantime, I’m just going to believe that I’ve discovered the secret of what makes John Waters who he is. I wouldn’t be a good astrologer if I didn’t take a huge leap of faith every time I clicked on someone’s chart drawing!

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