I wrote this post a year ago today. While I didn’t live up to the promises I made myself while several planets were transiting my fifth house, I didn’t exactly retreat into the shadows, either. Curiously, people are more interested in my “other life” lately, so maybe I can get something going again while the seventh house of my horoscope is highlighted.

Star Struck Style

The Kardashians (source: TV Insider)

I have a funny story about Kim Kardashian. Twenty-some years ago, I was the horoscope columnist for the American version of “Harper’s Bazaar” online. I was hired when Kate Betts ran the magazine. Shortly after I got the job, Glenda Bailey replaced Kate Betts. I remember a couple of things about the transition. First of all, I was told in confidence by my editor that Bailey didn’t even like to use email. She was sort of tech dinosaur according to my well-placed source. She also had no confidence in the “Bazaar” website, which is the reason I was let go shortly after she came on board as editor-in-chief. Yet the thing that I remember the most about Bailey is that my editor told me that I shouldn’t mention Kim Kardashian in my column because Bailey was “sick” of hearing about her.

Flash forward to…

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