Mars is going to make its way into my tenth house in just over two weeks from now. I’m intrigued by this blog post I wrote the last time this occurred, and the observation I made about the planet’s 2019 stint in that part of my chart. I’m going to need to do a deeper dive into this upcoming event. Stay tuned!

Star Struck Style

The Ladder to Success (source: Forbes)

I’ve been complaining about my lack of ambition for ages on this blog. With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto hanging around my IC for what seemed like forever, I couldn’t escape the feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

That all started to change when Jupiter and Saturn finally moved out of orb from a conjunction with both my IC and transiting Pluto. However, all three of those planets remained in my fourth house while I was mostly stuck at home due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. Even if I wanted to be ambitious, circumstances weren’t exactly urging me to climb back up the proverbial ladder to success. The last several months have felt more like house arrest to me than a chance to work from home.

Hopefully, I’ll be entering a new cycle when Mars moves into my tenth house early next week. It hasn’t…

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