Considering what I blogged about yesterday, it’s amazing to see how happy I am with myself this time of year.

Star Struck Style

Matty Bovan F/W 2021 (source: Vogue Runway)

My relationship with anything in particular can be described as “fleeting.” Right now, for instance, I’m sitting in the dark waiting for the sun to come up so that I can plant some begonia tubers because I can’t get gardening off my mind. After being stuck inside for a few months during a Canadian winter, that’s par for the course. All I can think about is getting outside and getting my hands into the dirt. By August or September, I’ll grow weary of gardening and my thoughts will turn to something else.

Sometimes that something else is fashion. However, at the moment I can barely convince myself to watch one of the F/W 2021 shows online even though I’ve got nothing else to do. To be fair, I’ve got Mercury stationed right on top of my natal Mars: an aspect that is…

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