Noella Bergener (source: People)

I haven’t been publishing any posts about the “Real Housewives of Orange County” lately because I’ve been sort of disappointed with the new season so far. Of course, I adore my fellow Capricorn Heather Dubrow and her ridiculous snobbery, but I’ve had a difficult time with recent addition Noella Bergener and how she hijacks almost every scene with her insanity.

For that reason, I wasn’t even interested in finding out anything else about her, including her zodiac sign. On this weeks episode, however, everything made sense to me when she declared that she’s a Gemini.

Well, of course she is! Just like LeeAnne Locken, Noella manages to ruin every scene she enters. She might be the worst new housewife to join the franchise since Denise Richards. Wait a minute! I take that back. At least Noella lets the cameras film her.

Anyway, like my Capricorn sister Heather, I can’t take crazy. I’m far too grounded to be around someone whose head is in ten places at once. People like Nicole make me uncomfortable in real life, and uncomfortable when I watch them on TV. I hope that her inaugural season is her last. She almost makes me miss Kelly and Vicki.

Oh, who am I kidding? No one makes me miss Vicki!

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