Yoga (source: The Jakarta Post)

With everything going on in my chart right now, I really thought that I would be feeling a little more assertive as the end of February draws nearer. But with Venus and Mars travelling in tandem, transiting Saturn trine my Libra ascendant, and the Libra moon slipping into my first house this morning, I’m very much at peace with myself and the decisions I’ve made recently.

I published a post titled “Venus Wins” the other day. Today, I feel even more confident that this interesting period of my life is trying to teach me just how Venusian the essence of my character can be. I’ve always understood the Saturnian side of my personality, but maybe I need to make a point of getting in touch with my Venusian side.

It’s not as if I have ignored it, but have suppressed it. I’ve also allowed myself to feel awfully guilty about giving into pleasure. I honestly don’t deny myself anything that makes me feel good, but there is always an inner battle going on in my head between my practical nature and my innate decadence. To be honest, it occupies far too much of my time. But right now, I don’t feel as if I need to fight with myself. As I already mentioned, I’m at peace with myself and it feels good.

I hope that this feeling lasts for a while. Venus and Mars conjoin my IC almost simultaneously next weekend, and their ingress into my fourth house might change things for me. I typically know what to expect when they aren’t conjoined, but I’ve never experienced anything quite like this in the past.

I guess I’ll find out soon enough . . .

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