Star Struck Style

Fish Sticks (source: BlueWater Seafoods)

A couple of weeks ago, I published a post where I discussed my decision to start taking fish-oil capsules even though I’ve been a vegetarian for thirty-six years. Now that the sun has entered the fishy sign of Pisces, I figure that it’s a good time to revisit my decision to ingest a product derived from an animal.

I actually feel great! This time of year — when the sun enters my fifth house a day before it moves into Pisces — is historically responsible for a huge uplift in my vitality. I feel energetic and alive! But does that have anything to do with the change to my diet?

I believe it does. My complexion not only looks great, but I actually feel as if the elasticity of my skin has improved. I also think that my digestion is better and I wouldn’t…

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