Fish Sticks (source: BlueWater Seafoods)

A couple of weeks ago, I published a post where I discussed my decision to start taking fish-oil capsules even though I’ve been a vegetarian for thirty-six years. Now that the sun has entered the fishy sign of Pisces, I figure that it’s a good time to revisit my decision to ingest a product derived from an animal.

I actually feel great! This time of year — when the sun enters my fifth house a day before it moves into Pisces — is historically responsible for a huge uplift in my vitality. I feel energetic and alive! But does that have anything to do with the change to my diet?

I believe it does. My complexion not only looks great, but I actually feel as if the elasticity of my skin has improved. I also think that my digestion is better and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that my eyesight has marginally improved. When I can get back into the gym to lift some weights, maybe I’ll discover that my joints are functioning a little better, too (that’s another one of the supposed benefits of these dietary supplements).

Anyway, I’ve been a fitness trainer for even longer than I’ve been practicing astrology. One of the things that drives me crazy about the people I encounter in the business is how dogmatic they can be when it comes to providing nutritional advice to their clients. I’ve always had a more open-minded perspective when it comes to diets in general: what works for me might work for you, or maybe it won’t. We’ve all got different bodies and different genetic makeups that react differently to the food we eat. For that reason, I’m probably the least-preachy vegetarian you’ll ever meet.

The reason that I’m discussing this topic on my astrology blog is that I believe that I approach astrology in a similar manner. I’m exceptionally open-minded about things like different house systems, just as long as the people who practice them are figuring out for themselves what works and what doesn’t work rather than just taking the advice of the last “expert” who offered them advice. For instance, I can understand how having the sun moving into my fifth house every year at this time would provide me with this boost to my spirit. However, I cannot comprehend how that would relate to the sun moving into my sixth house — the scenario that would result if I were to switch to using whole-sign houses instead of the Placidus system. Even my Facebook memories for the last few days have reminded me that I almost always travel to Las Vegas during the sun’s transit of my fifth house, and that I’m almost always back at work when the sun enters my sixth house.

Now if you can look into decades of your own history and see that something is either working as it should or not working at all, then you are probably doing a decent job of figuring out what’s right for you. Sure, I’d love eat a diet that is entirely plant-based, but I don’t believe that I have a body that thrives on plants alone. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to start eating red meat again, but it does mean that I’m not going let anyone make me feel guilty for making the choice to take fish-oil capsules. I’m also not going to let twenty-something astrologers on Twitter lecture me about the superiority of whole-sign houses when they’ve never bothered to investigate how different house systems work. I’ve got a whole lifetime of experience behind me. I’m going to listen to that, thanks.

The moral of this story is that there is something fishy about young people who declare themselves to be experts on anything. Now that the sun has entered Pisces, go ahead and swim against the current if that helps you find things out for yourself. Just remember to tether yourself to something, like a blog that reminds you how much smarter you get the further you travel downstream . . .

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