Paul Smith (source: Nottingham Post)

Venus backtracked over my natal sun a couple of hours ago. It made its initial conjunction with my Capricorn sun near the end of November. When that happened, I wrote a post to explain why I bought a pair of shoes even though I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy anything else. Yesterday, I bought a pair of Paul Smith sweatpants that I really didn’t need. A coincidence? I think not!

To be honest, the post I published in November could have been written today. It’s eerie how I have found myself in such a similar place. This aspect is going to recur one more time in about a month from now, so I really need to pay attention to how it is affecting me. Typically, Venus speeds right past my natal sun. This retrograde cycle is providing me with the opportunity to study how my ruling planet impacts my behavior, especially when it comes to the way I justify spending money on myself to improve my mood.

Venus will also make a retrograde pass over the point where it will form a sextile to Saturn, the ruler of my sun sign. I should probably go back through my posts to see if this aspect has produced any recurring behavior. This is something that happens a couple of times a year, so it might take a little more research to figure out its impact.

On a positive note, I did get some money for my birthday that I used to buy my new sweatpants, and the markdowns this time of year are quite spectacular . . .

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