Flu Shot (source: Live Science)

I got a flu shot on Friday. I’m a big fan of the vaccine because I really have a difficult time with any viruses that affect my lungs. I’m a cardio addict, and not being able to get cardiovascular exercise because I’m sick really makes me miserable. It’s been a week-and-a-half since my last cardio workout, and I’m practically jumping out of my skin thinking about the spin class I’m about to teach in four hours from now. I almost took some workout clothes to Las Vegas so that I could visit the hotel gym during my trip, but without knowing the vaccination status of my fellow gym goers, I didn’t think that was a good idea. Maybe next time!

Anyway, I would like a cosmic shot in the arm now that I’m back home. Even with three planets in my first house at the moment, including energetic Mars, I’m not feeling as physically energetic as I could be. I’m going to chalk that up to a week of debauchery that included eating almost nothing but salt, fat and simple carbohydrates. Getting barely any sleep didn’t help me, either. Now that I’m back home, I can embrace a routine that allows me to thrive — at least in a physical sense.

It’s also the beginning of the winter season here. Right around Halloween, the weather gets cold enough that gardening season comes to an end. All the hours that I spend taking care of my yard can be redirected into other projects this time of the year, including a more-disciplined workout regimen. Maybe I’ll even get back to my pre-COVID routine. That would be nice.

It shouldn’t be that difficult for me to make the switch to this cold-weather schedule now that Mars has moved into Scorpio. Its energy should be flowing more freely now that it has left the sign of its detriment. I’ve got another three weeks to feel the influence of the red planet moving through my first house, and I hope that I can take advantage of its empowering nature.

I guess I’ll know soon enough . . .

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