MGM Grand Lobby (source: Vox)

Everything seems to be going as planned for my trip to Las Vegas on Sunday. I’ve got my pre-flight COVID test results back. I’ve downloaded the apps that will allow me to cross the border into the US and then back into Canada. I’ve booked a cab to the airport. All I really have to do now is pack my suitcase on Saturday evening.

That all sounds great, but it’s actually not. I’ve already checked-out mentally from work when I still have two shifts left to go.

Sometime this afternoon, the sun will oppose my natal part of fortune. While I don’t put much stock into the interpretations of the Arabian Parts because no one has ever been able to show me how effective they are in predicting the future (unlike transits and progressions to the natal planets), I haven’t closed my mind to the possibility that they could be a valuable forecasting tool. Something just needs to happen to make me a believer!

Perhaps I should interpret this aspect as a time where my ambition falters, but I’ve looked back on the posts I’ve written around this time in the past and that is definitely not the case. Also, my “fortune” is not impaired by this annual aspect, either. In fact, I’ve had tremendous luck right around this time of year several times in the past.

Anyway, whatever is happening to me today probably has more to do with Venus entering my third house while both the sun and Mars remain in my first house. I’m just ready to have a good time for what seems like the first time in last couple of years. So, if you see me at work today staring off into space, it’s because I’ve already checked-in to the MGM Grand in my mind. My body will catch up in a few days. I can’t fucking wait!

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