Heat Dome (source: CBC News)

We’re in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime heatwave where I live in Western Canada. On the bright side, I’ll be at work in an air-conditioned building for most of it.

That should help me to keep my cool, even though the stars are going to be urging me to blow my top. Mars opposes my natal Mars tomorrow just before it forms an opposition to transiting Saturn along the same axis.

Neither of those aspects are good for me professionally considering that transiting Mars is currently in my tenth house. I can be far too assertive in situations that impact the way I work. I believe that it will be worth my while to keep that in check over the next few days. By the time I go to work on Friday, I’ll be in a much different place.

My workplace has been stressful considering that we’re on our third COVID-related reopening. We’re not only short-staffed, but we’re dealing with adapting to changing circumstances on a daily basis. We opened a little more than a week ago, and a day later the provincial government announced changes to our reopening strategy. I’ve spent most of time at work apologizing to the gym members that we haven’t been able to announce a consistent operating plan for the immediate future. There are too many moving parts to consider.

But, for the moment, that’s my job. I’m just going to have to plaster a smile on my face (under my mask that I’m still wearing) while I pretend that I’m not feeling hot under the collar. In a few days from now, this will all be behind me. I need to thank my lucky stars that Mars only moves into this position once every couple of years.

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