Bob the Drag Queen (source: Twitter)

June 22 is Bob the Drag Queen’s birthday.

I’m a huge fan of Bob the Drag Queen. However, when I watch “Sibling Rivalry,” his podcast with Monét X Change, I’m always taken aback by his terrible takes on fashion. He didn’t win “Drag Race” because he was turning looks like Gigi Goode or Violet Chachki, so I really don’t understand why anyone would take him seriously as a fashion critic.

Don’t get me wrong — I adore his own sense of style. I just don’t believe that Symone should start a podcast where she discusses how to win singing challenges, and I don’t believe that Utica Queen should offer standup comedy workshops on YouTube.

Anyway, I had a look at Bob’s natal chart to see why he rubs me the wrong way when he attempts to do his own version of “Fashion Photo Ruview.” If he was born in the second half of the day, he has his natal sun in Cancer, his moon in Capricorn, and his Venus in Leo — all three in the opposite signs from my sun, moon and Venus.

I suppose that explains why we’re such polar opposites when it comes to what we like to see on other queens when they bring to runway. It probably also explains why I would defend the sponge dress until the end of time, despite what Bob thinks of Monét’s design masterpiece.

Our differences were written in the stars . . .

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