Renée Simonsen (source: Voguegraphy)

May 12 is Renée Simonsen’s birthday.

Before I came to write this post, I was thinking about some of the Taurus designers I discussed in “Star Struck Style” and how I mentioned that Taurus individuals make the best employees. You can get a Taurus native to do the best work in the world and they won’t lose any sleep if their name isn’t all over the finished product. In this world of branding everything, it’s a refreshing characteristic to possess.

Shortly after that diversion, I discovered that it was Renée Simonsen’s birthday — the day after I republished a post about Estelle Lefébure (Estelle was a fixture on “Vogue” covers for much of the late eighties and early nineties). That led me to Google Renée Simonsen, and that is where I discovered this image. Looking at this photo made me curious to learn the sun sign of fashion photographer Richard Avedon, and guess what? He’s also a Taurus! I don’t know why I had never bothered to look him up until now.

The fashion world is full of Taurus natives. Some are household names, and some just linger in the background making sure that we remember why the brands that employ them are household names. For me, it’s just another reason to love them. I know I shouldn’t pick favorites, but I can’t help myself. I also know I’m supposed to be discussing Renée Simonsen, but I’d rather just write a love letter to all the Taurus natives out there.

Sometimes you just have to go where the stars lead you. Maybe I’ll get around to discussing fashion on Richard Avedon’s birthday . . .

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