A Foot (source: Wayfair)

One of the most interesting things about 2021 is the lack of planets hanging around in fire signs. As a result, many of us may feel as if we’re missing the “spark” to set our passions ablaze.

That has been a problem for me for quite some time. Over the past couple of years, I’ve published several posts that have discussed the “wet blanket” effect that Saturn has had on my creativity. While I do feel as if I have finally wriggled out from beneath Saturn’s influence, I still haven’t found a creative project that makes me want to set the world on fire.

Hopefully, that is about to change with Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces. The planet just moved into my fifth house a few days ago, and today it moves into a sign that is associated with imagination. It’s only going to be there until the end of July, but then it will return to the same part of the zodiac at the end of the year.

At the same time, Mercury is going to enter my ninth house where it will also remain until the end of July because of its upcoming retrograde cycle in Gemini.

Having these two planets in houses that correspond to fire signs for the next several weeks should be good for me. With Jupiter moving into Pisces, both that planet and Mercury will be in signs over which they rule. My creative “sparks” are less likely to fizzle out now like they did when so many planets gathered near the bottom of my chart.

It would be nice to have something that I feel passionate about to pursue. Nevertheless, I do feel as if I’m inching ahead every day with far less setbacks than I’ve had since things started to turn bad for me in 2017. Saturn’s slow and steady ascent toward the top of my chart is a reason for that, but the ringed planet also goes retrograde in ten days from now, so if things aren’t moving quickly enough for me during this new cycle, I’ll know why.

Still, it’s nice to know that change is afoot. I need this.

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