Valentina (source: Billboard)

May 14 is Valentina’s birthday.

I adore a lot of Taurus queens, including Pandora Boxx, Katya and Bimini Bon Boulash. For that reason, I’m kind of surprised that I hadn’t looked up Valentina’s chart until now.

Unfortunately, without a time of birth I cannot determine why Valentina is such a lovable weirdo. I was sort of on the fence with her after she was eliminated from Season 9 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” for not knowing the words to the song during her lip sync, and also during the star-crossed reunion episode where dismissed the criticism of her fellow queens, but she won me back the moment she entered the Werk Room in “All Stars 4.”

I’d love to know what time she was born because her chart just seems so unremarkable. I can tell that she’s decadent because she’s got both the sun and the moon in Taurus, along with a bunch of planets in Capricorn. I suppose that explains why she takes such pride in her designer clothes. It also might explain her fondness for a “French Vanilla Fantasy.”

However, nothing I see in her horoscope that immediately explains her rampant individuality. It makes me believe that she has very strong fifth house influences in her chart. A Capricorn rising would put her natal stellium in the first house (maybe Saturn in Aquarius, too), and that would put both the sun and moon (and maybe even Venus) in the fifth house. I could buy that scenario.

Anyway, I wish that I knew what time she was born. Maybe she’ll stumble across this post one day while she’s Googling herself and then she can let me know. Until then, I’ll just have to believe that I’ve got her figured out.

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