I’m quite proud of this prediction I made three years ago.

Star Struck Style

Funny-Sheep-FactsSheep (source: Modern Farmer)

I admit that I can be a jerk toward other astrologers. When I read what other people are writing, I sometimes react in a way that can only be described as condescending. Yes, I’m full of myself. If you don’t know that by now, you haven’t been paying attention.

However, I don’t usually criticize other astrologers because of the way that they practice astrology. I typically get on their backs when they are too preachy. So many of them believe that they are more highly-evolved than their clients. They take every opportunity they can to diminish the fortitude of their flocks by telling them that they are like injured birds who will never fly again unless they recognize their spiritual wounds.

Sure, plenty of us go through life feeling as we are damaged goods, but most of us don’t make our vulnerabilities our focus unless…

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