Sheep (source: Modern Farmer)

I admit that I can be a jerk toward other astrologers. When I read what other people are writing, I sometimes react in a way that can only be described as condescending. Yes, I’m full of myself. If you don’t know that by now, you haven’t been paying attention.

However, I don’t usually criticize other astrologers because of the way that they practice astrology. I typically get on their backs when they are too preachy. So many of them believe that they are more highly-evolved than their clients. They take every opportunity they can to diminish the fortitude of their flocks by telling them that they are like injured birds who will never fly again unless they recognize their spiritual wounds.

Sure, plenty of us go through life feeling as we are damaged goods, but most of us don’t make our vulnerabilities our focus unless we want others to stare at our “soft spots.”

Since Chiron entered Pisces in 2010, I believe that many people have made a point of revealing their vulnerabilities on social media in order to feel more important. The sign of Pisces is connected with self-martyrdom. It’s also connected with self-delusion.

With Chiron moving into Aries today, things will begin to change. From now through late September, when the asteroid backtracks briefly, take a moment to consider your motives when you broadcast your feelings online. By the time Chiron moves back into Aries next February, you’ll want to ask yourself the following question: am I looking for sympathy, am I looking for help, or am I looking for attention?

Aries is far more self-sufficient than Pisces, but it’s also quite self-serving. Chiron in Aries could end up exacerbating the innate narcissism of the sort of people who feel the need to have the world follow them on their spiritual journeys. It could also have them taking the lead as they pretend to be “healed” from their wounds in order to attract a flock of their own.

If anything good comes out of this ingress, it might be the generational effect of Chiron causing us all to be a little more selfish about the way we travel down our own spiritual path. We might actually learn to keep a few things to ourselves as we try to figure out our own place in the flock before we attempt to lead the way.

Let’s hope so. Social media gets to be more nauseating every day.

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