Symone (source: Star Struck Style)

I published a post the other day where I celebrated my discovery that Symone has a Capricorn sun and a Cancer moon, just like me. Afterwards, I edited that post to reflect the fact that “Fandom” has Symone’s birthday wrong. Not only that, I had also accidentally set my chart-drawing computer program to noon instead of midnight when I cast her horoscope after correcting the date. Now, after watching last night’s episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 13, I know for a fact that Symone has a Capricorn sun and a Gemini moon. She said so herself!

She also mentioned that she has Scorpio rising. That would put her time of birth around 3:00 AM. It also gives her a pretty tight conjunction of Venus and Jupiter (most likely in the first house), and a tight conjunction of the sun and Neptune at about 23° in Capricorn. The latter aspect intrigues me because that part of her chart would have been a hotspot during the filming of Season 13 in the middle of the pandemic. I could see it resulting in her dreams coming true at a glacial pace as Pluto virtually hovered in place there throughout 2020, joined by both Jupiter and Saturn. I know that because that is the degree of my IC and the topic of several posts on this blog.

Anyway, I guess that it’s okay that Symone isn’t part of the club that I share alongside such luminaries as Mary J. Blige and the Duchess of Cambridge. I still think she’s a marvelous addition to my Capricorn family. And even I have a little bit of Gemini in my natal chart. No one is perfect, after all . . .

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