Prison Break (source: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

I found out that I get to go back to work next Friday. Hooray!

I’ve been off since just before Christmas. The first couple of weeks weren’t so bad because I hadn’t started to develop the seasonal “cabin fever” that happens when you live in city like Edmonton. But once half the planets in the sky took up residence in my fourth house, I started to feel as if was under house arrest. The weather here was terrible for a while which made matters even worse. Then just as I got a break from the cold temperatures, the sun moved into my fifth house and I started to feel as if I had something to look forward to. However, with Mercury’s retrograde cycle occurring entirely within my fourth house, I just haven’t been able to break free from feeling as if I’ve been caged-up against my will.

Don’t get me wrong — I feel lucky to have a roof over my head and a steady income during these uncertain times. But I also feel as if I’ve paid my dues. I’m ready to become a productive member of society again.

Mercury finally moves into my fifth house on Monday, March 15 after spending seventy days in my fourth house. That day will mark my first full week back at work since the second week of December. I need to be somewhere else besides my home for a while, so I’m looking forward to the freedom I am about to experience because of the relaxed COVID-19 restrictions that are allowing me to return to my place of employment.

Hopefully, getting out of my house a little more will also help me to get my creative juices flowing again. “Cafe Astrology” alludes to a boost in my artistic output in its interpretation of the transit:

“During this cycle, there is a powerful mental connection with your creative self-expression. You are proud of your ideas, and very good at expressing them to others smoothly now. Your thinking is more creative than usual. You tend to entertain others with your conversation; and your sense of humor (and of mischief!) is especially strong. Your thoughts turn to children, pleasures, or romance during this expressive cycle.  You might enjoy researching speculative ventures now. You especially enjoy games that involve competing with others on a mental level. You have a stronger need than usual for intellectual stimulation. Therefore, your friends and romantic partner are best appreciated now if they are intellectual types. You’re more willing to take risks on a mental level now, so take advantage of the increased spontaneity and creativity that comes with this position.”

That’s a terrific forecast for someone who has been feeling pent-up for a couple of months, and to know that the ingress of Mercury into my fifth house occurs just a couple of days after the new moon arrives in the same sector of my horoscope makes me even more confident that I’m ready to break out of this oppressive, far-too-introspective cycle once and for all.

That was some prison sentence . . .

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