Mountain Goat (source: Business Insider)

As a Capricorn, I can think of a hundred wonderful things to say about my sign. I can also think of a hundred more things to say about many of the jerks who share my sign, and those words are far from wonderful. The word “ruthless” comes to mind when I consider all the horrible Capricorn natives who have attached themselves to the Trump administration.

But I would be overcompensating if I chose that particular word to describe my sign. Instead, I’ll use the word “serious.” Even a Capricorn like me with an airy Libra rising sign possesses innate gravitas. I do my best not to let seriousness define me because I don’t want to be that sort of Capricorn, but it’s there.

What word comes to your mind when you think of the sign of the goat? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.


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