Star Struck Style

amber-vallettaAmber Valletta (source: Time)

February 9 is Amber Valletta’s birthday.

For reasons I’ve already noted in some of the previous posts I’ve published, I believe that Aquarius natives follow a few different paths in fashion. One of them is the most conventional of all paths to follow: glamour.

While most of us don’t lead the glamorous life, that still doesn’t stop us from worshiping it. We watch celebrities strolling down red carpets and dream of a life where stylists clamor to dress us in couture gowns so that the paparazzi can go nuts when we make our arrival at the award show. The whole scenario is quite artificial, which makes sense because the air signs have a connection to artifice. Although all three air signs are driven by intellect (sometimes a deeper intellect), they still possess a superficial orientation toward fashion. There is something superficial and contrived about Hollywood-style glamour. It’s…

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