Amber Valletta (source: Time)

February 9 is Amber Valletta’s birthday.

For reasons I’ve already noted in some of the previous posts I’ve published, I believe that Aquarius natives follow a few different paths in fashion. One of them is the most conventional of all paths to follow: glamour.

While most of us don’t lead the glamorous life, that still doesn’t stop us from worshiping it. We watch celebrities strolling down red carpets and dream of a life where stylists clamor to dress us in couture gowns so that the paparazzi can go nuts when we make our arrival at the award show. The whole scenario is quite artificial, which makes sense because the air signs have a connection to artifice. Although all three air signs are driven by intellect (sometimes a deeper intellect), they still possess a superficial orientation toward fashion. There is something superficial and contrived about Hollywood-style glamour. It’s kind of the opposite of actual style because it appeals to the public-at-large rather than the people-in-the-know who actually drive the business of fashion. Aquarius is the “InStyle” magazine of the zodiac compared to a title like “Vogue,” which reflects a more Capricorn-like sensibility.

Aquarius in associated with the crowd and ideas like mass-acceptance. It’s also ruled (or co-ruled, depending upon whom you ask) by Saturn. Saturn is conventional. The glamour of the red carpet is conventional. When it’s not, the masses can’t express their displeasure with offending outfits quickly enough. Even though most of us live a life more ordinary, we see the cinematic glamour of the red carpet as the apex of style. The esoteric fashion of the runway and magazine editorials has no place on this mountaintop, nor does the so-called fashion we encounter every day of our lives. It is on the red carpet where the unconventional glamour of Hollywood becomes the convention: the accepted version of fashion. That’s also where it jibes with Aquarius sensibilities.

Now back to today’s birthday girl. Amber Valletta is one of the most beautiful women in the history of the world. Yet she has become a legend in the world of modeling by epitomizing the ideal of glamour rather than actually living a glamorous life. She is — for lack of a better word — conventional. There are as many photos of her without makeup on her Instagram page as there are photos of her with makeup. She clearly appreciates the illusion of glamour, but she also makes a point of letting her fans know that it is an illusion. I know that many astrologers associate the word “illusion” with Pisces, but I’m more likely to use the word “delusion” to describe that sign. The illusion of cinematic glamour is an Aquarius concept. It has evolved to be the version of fashion that is most-readily accepted by the masses.

For as many Aquarius natives that express this conventional, Saturnian side of their sign, there are just as many unconventional, Uranian types. Hopefully, I’ll discuss a few more of those before the sun enters Pisces.

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