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The new moon in Capricorn arrived last night when most people in this part of the world were already in bed.

The Capricorn new moon indicates a terrific time to make a practical “new year’s resolution.” Even if you’ve already made one (and even if you’ve already broken that resolution), this cosmic event strengthens our collective resolve. What’s more, the sun makes its annual conjunction with Pluto tomorrow, making those “new year, new me” resolutions seem a little more realistic. We currently have both the power and the perspective to make a positive change that truly transforms our lives.

The first couple of weeks of 2021 have been challenging, but as I’ve been saying for months, the only way to go is up. My own horoscope has been terrible for a long time, but it’s all uphill for me now. Today is like a bookend on a volume of my life that I’m ready to shelve. Of course, that’s because my IC is only minutes away from the point in the zodiac where this new moon occurs. However, all of us can benefit by choosing to move forward today. A cardinal new moon about a degree away from Pluto commands us to embrace this new era.

It’s onwards and upwards, everyone. This is the day we’ve all been waiting for!

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