Advent Calendar (source: Lindt)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve grown to accept my innate Grinchiness. Still, there was a time that I actually enjoyed the Christmas season (probably before a lifetime of working in retail ruined it for me). When I was a kid, for instance, I loved these chocolate-filled advent calendars. Of course, with five kids in the house who were supposed to be taking turns eating the chocolates behind each door, it’s likely that these calendars started a bunch fights rather than promoting “peace on earth.”

Anyway, this holiday season is rather remarkable astrologically because practically every day leading up to Christmas holds some sort of “surprise.” Yesterday, it was a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Today, it’s Venus’ ingress into the same sign (and its exit from Scorpio where it is in its detriment). Tomorrow, the moon makes its final conjunctions with Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn before they exit the sign for good. On Thursday, Saturn leaves Capricorn for Aquarius where it will remain until 2023. Then Mercury catches up to the sun on Friday. After that, Jupiter also moves into Aquarius on Saturday. Mercury then enters Capricorn on Sunday. The so-called “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius happens on Monday, followed by the ingress of the sun into Capricorn that evening.

It’s a lot to digest! Nevertheless, the important thing to note is whether or not the affected degrees are somehow personalized in your own chart. I don’t really have any planets sitting in the first degree of any signs, so I can take a step back from the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction to look at the “big picture” of how this event that occurs once every twenty years will affect me. It’s in my fourth house, which is also highlighted because Pluto permanently exits my third house and enters my fourth house the same day. While it’s likely that I’ll live to see another Jupiter/Saturn conjunction or two, I doubt I’ll ever see Pluto return to this position in my chart. Maybe in another lifetime.

But I digress! Have a look at where these events are happening in your own chart. By the time Christmas day arrives, several doors will have been opened for all of us. What’s behind those doors is still a surprise, but after the year we’ve all just had, I’m pretty sure that there’s something to look forward to in each and every one of these events — unless your rotten brothers and sisters have beaten you to the prize. Wait a minute! Maybe that’s why I hate Christmas? Perhaps I’m suffering from PTSD from having my chocolates stolen? That could explain a lot . . .

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