Drew Sidora (source: Bravo)

Drew Sidora is a Taurus!

I’m quite relieved that I didn’t have to go down a rabbit hole of social media posts to find out the zodiac sign of the newest member of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast. Sometimes it takes a whole season or two to determine an accurate date of birth, but because Drew is already famous, the information is all over the internet.

I’ll wait until her birthday to really get into the details of her horoscope, but for now I’m quite thrilled to have another Taurus join the cast. There hasn’t been two bulls on this show since Kim Fields left. Kim Zolciak was a Taurus, too, and we all know how her and Kandi got along! It’s also thrilling to see another “housewife” with a fixed sun sign on RHOA. While I would have enjoyed seeing a Leo join the cast just to see what would happen, I’ll take another Taurus because this one is an actress with a decent resume. She’s destined to fight with Kenya Moore, and I can’t get enough of that.

Let the games begin!

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