Yoga Mats (source: Gaiam)

Yesterday I published a post blaming Neptune for throwing a wrench into my plans. It’s presently sitting on a very important axis in my chart after going direct just a couple of weeks ago. Because the planet moves so slowly, it’s only about two minutes away from the point in Pisces where it recently stationed.

Curiously, it’s also only minutes away from where it was in March when the universe threw another wrench in my plans to become a yoga instructor. When the first COVID-19 related shutdown happened, it caused the course in which I was registered to be cancelled. Fearing the same thing would happen again, I registered in an online training session that required me to take a day off from work for several consecutive weeks using the vacation time I had accrued. With the gym where I work closing, my employer cannot guarantee that I will be able to use my earned time off to participate in the 200-hour course. For that reason, it’s no longer feasible for me to pursue this manner of training.

I can probably find another online school offering the same certifications, or I can wait until autumn and try to re-enroll in the same course. For now, though, I’m going to wait. I understand how important this 18-19° axis through Virgo and Pisces is in my chart, and having a major planet sitting on it for an entire year is obviously causing me some problems. In fact, the title of the interpretation for the Neptune opposite Pluto transit that has appeared on my horoscope for the past year or so reads “Please Wait.”

In some respects, I’ve been heeding that advice subconsciously for a long time. Still, I thought that I could sneak in this one “passion project” during this star-crossed time in my life. I was wrong.

Oh well! I suppose I’ve got my whole life ahead of me . . .

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