Vacation by the Go-Go’s (source: Diffuser)

My vacation starts today.

I didn’t really want to be on vacation right now. However, the government of the province where I live has implemented necessary new restrictions because of COVID-19. While the gym where I work hasn’t been implicated in any COVID tracing efforts after operating for more than seven weeks (and with more than 1,000 members), the number of cases keeps going up. So, after nearly seven months off work already, I’m on vacation again.

I’m going to try to be a little more productive than I was during the last shutdown. Now that Saturn and Jupiter have finally moved off my IC and into my fourth house for good, I’m feeling as if I can take on more projects around the house, from recommitting to some abandoned writing projects to furthering my yoga practice. While I did get a lot done in my garden over the summer, my professional sidelines truly suffered while I was stuck at home. The stars simply thwarted my ambition.

Tomorrow’s new moon eclipse in my third house is not only opposite my natal Jupiter (making me want to tell the world about how optimistic I feel lately while simultaneously warning me not to be too optimistic), it’s also about half-a-degree away from an exact semi-sextile with transiting Pluto. That’s important because Pluto is just minutes away from my IC. On December 21, the same day as the Great Conjunction, Pluto moves into my fourth house. Unless I live to be three hundred years old, I will never experience this transit again.

As I mentioned in my previous post titled “New Moon on Monday,” this one is personal. I’m on the cusp of something big, and I just have to figure out what that “something” is. I suppose I could spend this pivotal time in my life complaining that my plans have been put on hold again, or I could thank my lucky stars that in about a week from now I’m going to be on the other side of this mess.

I’m going to choose the latter. It’s not as if I was doing anything else . . .

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