Neptune (source:

So, I’ve been writing blog posts about Neptune for the last several months because I anticipated that its influence on my generation would be profound throughout 2020. It’s currently conjunct the axis on which my natal Uranus, Pluto and Chiron reside. While I haven’t underrated its effects, I have looked at this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence as a “generational” aspect rather than something that I would consider to be “personalized.”

But yesterday something happened to me that I took personally. While the scenario is still playing out, it’s interesting to note that the transiting sun was square Neptune while this was happening, and therefore square the aforementioned axis in my horoscope where Uranus, Pluto and Chiron are located.

I feel as if Neptune pulled out his trident and popped the balloon I was holding that contained my hopes and dreams for the not-too-distant future. I’ve been feeling very optimistic and energetic lately with both Jupiter and Saturn literally moving off my IC and figuratively getting off my back. But the news I got yesterday sort of came out of the blue and left me feeling deflated. Without going into details, I’m getting the idea that I shouldn’t have put my faith in something.

With the sun moving out of orb from this square, I still might see things change in my favor. If they don’t however, this is going to turn out to be a really shitty day for me. With Neptune involved, though, all this drama could be in my head. I sure hope so . . .

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