Simon Le Bon (source: Tidal)

Here’s a photo of Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran’s video for “New Moon on Monday.”

I have a fun story about Duran Duran. I actually saw them in a bar when they first came to North America back in the “Girls on Film” days. In a bar! It was forty years ago and I was fifteen. I was a big kid and I could sneak into bars and nightclubs all the time without getting caught. Those were the days!

Anyway, there’s a new moon this coming Monday that also happens to be a solar eclipse. I’ve already discussed it on this blog in a post from last week titled “Listen to Dolly.” What’s interesting is that the government where I live has finally decided to shut everything down as the second wave of COVID-19 becomes more and more unmanageable. The shutdown begins on Sunday, but Monday will actually be the first day of my four-week hiatus from work.

The new moon occurs in my third house, which means that I should be ready to shout from the rooftops when it arrives. However, it opposes my natal Jupiter by about a half-a-degree, which essentially thwarts my plans to “get out there.” The eclipse itself is still five days away, but I’m already seeing its effects.

I’m constantly blathering on and on about how I believe that most astrologers overstate the importance of eclipses because they use such ridiculously large orbs when attempting to interpret their effects on the planets in a natal chart. I try to keep things tight when I’m trying to figure out if these events will impact me personally: down to about a degree. It works for me.

In this case, the advice I gave to myself in the aforementioned blog post was “don’t let your mouth overload your capabilities.” That was not only a sound suggestion, but also a prophetic one. The universe is going to be sure that I’m sitting at home for this next lunar cycle instead of running my mouth all over town.

Of course, I still have the internet, and I can still get into trouble. Nevertheless, I’m going to try to take my own advice and think twice before I publish any other posts claiming that all the other astrologers are wrong. The stars have spoken, and I’m getting the message loud and clear.

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