Donald Trump & Savannah Guthrie (source: People)

A lot of people were mad at NBC for scheduling a town hall meeting with Donald Trump that would run simultaneously with ABC’s televised town hall with Joe Biden. I wasn’t one of them because I thought that it would be fun to see Donald Trump yell at a bunch of American voters asking him legitimate policy questions. I knew that he would treat the attendees and the moderator no better than he treated Joe Biden and Chris Wallace at the first presidential debate. The guy can’t help himself.

And I was right! What I didn’t predict, though, was that Savannah Guthrie would do such a good job putting the Manchurian Pumpkin on the spot. She really made him sound like an idiot when he claimed that he didn’t remember when he was last tested for COVID-19 prior to the debate (something that the media has been asking since his diagnosis), when he insisted that he was doing foreign banks a favor by letting them loan him money, and when he pretended to know almost nothing about QAnon. Anyone who believed any of his answers needs to have their head examined.

Anyway, I knew that Savannah Guthrie was a Capricorn, so I had a look at her chart. Like me, she also has Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius. Only one in 180 people will share this particular combination.

I’m always going on and on about how valuable I believe it is to study this configuration of natal planets because it provides a fairly refined personality profile that rarely requires an accurate birth time (unless one of the planets mentioned switches signs on the date of birth). What I’ve discovered during this American election cycle is that I share my combination with an elite group of Trump-hating democracy advocates including Jared Leto, LeBron James, Justin Trudeau, Ricky Martin, Wilson Cruz and — welcome to the club — Savannah Guthrie.

Just get a load of that look on her face in the photo I posted above. I’m in such good company!

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