I wrote this last year on this day, so it seems appropriate to share it today. Slowly, but surely, he is getting what is coming to him.

Star Struck Style

GettyImages_1163048741.0Donald Trump (source: Vox)

I’ve been going on and on and on about Karma on this blog for what seems like ages. When Jupiter entered Scorpio and Saturn entered Capricorn, I predicted that a lot of things that were going wrong in this universe were going to work themselves out.

I guess that I was rather disappointed that not everything worked out. When Jupiter entered Sagittarius, there were still a lot of bad people doing bad things in the world with the support of even more bad people. Jupiter in Sagittarius is an idealistic position, though, so I accurately predicted that people would live up to their ideals, whether or not those ideals were worthy of anyone’s support.

Looking forward to Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn, I’m still holding onto the idea that we are in a rather Karmic phase. I know that many astrologers have been worried about conservatism…

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