Outbreak (source: slashfilm.com)

I got a call from the manager of the gym where I am employed letting me know that I will be returning to work on Monday. While I won’t actually be going there physically for a few more days after that, I’m eager to get back into a routine. Having the warmer months off wasn’t a big deal for me, but I know that being stuck at home in Edmonton in the dead of winter is tough on my psyche. Been there; done that.

Anyway, getting that call within hours of Saturn going direct made me wonder what I was doing the last time Saturn was on this particular degree: 25°20″. I soon discovered that the ringed planet crossed this degree in the first week of February — the week that I came down with shingles!

I don’t know if I should connect these events, but both of them have something to do with viruses that have had a significant impact on the quality of my life. Weird, huh? Saturn takes almost thirty years to orbit the sun. Within that cycle, a specific point will only be conjoined three times at most. That’s some coincidence!

But what’s really weird is that I have a strange obsession with the monkey from the viral pandemic-themed movie “Outbreak.” A photo of the monkey is even my avatar on my Microsoft account at work!

I know that this all sounds crazy (and the paranoia-inducing full moon is currently opposing the sun in my delusional twelfth house), but there are some connections here that I can’t ignore. Am I going to get sick again? Am I going to catch a virus as soon as I get back to work? Is it going to be COVID-19, a recurrence of shingles, or some new monkey-borne pathogen? And when did they start allowing monkeys in my gym?

I’ve got so many questions . . .

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