Donald Trump (source: Vox)

I’ve been going on and on and on about Karma on this blog for what seems like ages. When Jupiter entered Scorpio and Saturn entered Capricorn, I predicted that a lot of things that were going wrong in this universe were going to work themselves out.

I guess that I was rather disappointed that not everything worked out. When Jupiter entered Sagittarius, there were still a lot of bad people doing bad things in the world with the support of even more bad people. Jupiter in Sagittarius is an idealistic position, though, so I accurately predicted that people would live up to their ideals, whether or not those ideals were worthy of anyone’s support.

Looking forward to Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn, I’m still holding onto the idea that we are in a rather Karmic phase. I know that many astrologers have been worried about conservatism becoming the New World Order during Saturn’s two-and-a-half year transit of Capricorn, but I looked at it differently. As I always say, Saturn is ultimately productive. Alongside Pluto in Capricorn, I predicted that the planet would have a positive effect on modern conservatism, perhaps returning it to a place where it was a political position and not a moral stance (or an immoral stance, if that’s how you want to look at it). I see Saturn as a planet that favors the middle ground where we all have to get along, not as an uncompromising advocate of far-right beliefs. It’s influence is practical, not political. Jupiter is often the culprit when it comes to individuals adopting the radical views of both the left and the right. We astrologers often give its “benefic” nature too much credit while painting Saturn as the bad guy in every single scenario.

Now with Saturn’s recent return to direct motion and Pluto going direct in the sign later this week, I believe that we’re seeing what I’ve been predicting all along. The power structure is changing before our eyes just as Jupiter is preparing to exit Sagittarius and join the planetary summit in Capricorn.

All these bad actors on the world stage are getting what they deserve, and it’s glorious to watch. And it’s not just happening in politics. I woke up this morning to read that the asshole who owns Forever 21 is filing for bankruptcy. Yes, the guy who prints Bible verses on his bags while blatantly ripping off the designs of others has driven his company into the ground. The one person in the industry that I loathe the most is about to experience his own personal hell on earth: the embarrassment of being the biggest failure in the fashion business of all time.

I thought that watching Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and all these other creeps flailing would have been all I needed to feel as order was being restored to the universe, but this is like the icing on a cake. To hear that Edward Lampert of Sears was getting what’s coming to him would be the cherry on top. I guess that I’ve still got another year for that to happen. If I’ve learned anything since these planets began to move into my sign, it’s this: good things really do come to those who wait, and that evil rarely goes unpunished.

Thanks, Karma!

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