Alex McCord (source: Bravo)

October 1 is Alex McCord’s birthday.

I got into the “Real Housewives of New York City” not long after it started, when Alex McCord was still on the show. And I barely remember anything about her.

Of all the zodiac signs, Libra has probably been the most poorly represented on the “Housewives” shows. Sure, there have been more Libra natives cast than Aquarius natives (a genuine rarity in the “Housewives” universe), but I still haven’t seen a Libra housewife both behaving like a Libra and becoming a star of the show for behaving like a Libra.

Meghan King Edmonds from RHOC was a pretty good example. Kathryn Edwards from RHOBH was one of the best, but she only lasted a season because she did act like a Libra. Backing away from confrontations seemed to be her modus operandi. The others that didn’t fit the profile of their sun sign so well include today’s birthday girl, Kathy Wakile from RHONJ and Carlton Gebbia from RHOBH. Kelly Dodd from RHOC is a Libra, but she behaves more like a mentally-disturbed Aquarius native (like Kenya Moore), or a dog with rabies — I still haven’t decided.

Monique Samuels from “Potomac” is giving me serious Libra vibes now that I’ve gotten to know her a little better. Unfortunately, she was sidelined by a difficult pregnancy this past season, so she wasn’t really giving 100% to the show — not that any Libra housewife would. There is something sort of wishy-washy about Libra natives that makes them innately avoid the sort of conflict upon which the “Housewives” franchise thrives. That’s probably why so many of the least-memorable cast members share this sign. It’s also why Monique seems to choose her battles a little more carefully than some of her more-reactive RHOP castmates. Sure, she’s lost her cool a few times on the show, but I don’t recall her holding an umbrella or a butter knife to anyone’s neck.

It’s just not in the nature of a Libra native to be the sort of character that makes a reality TV producer say “Hey, let’s see more of that!” I should know: I have Libra as my rising sign and I tried out for “Big Brother Canada” a couple of times before I realized that crying and/or yelling on cue was not in my wheelhouse.

But enough about me! I came here to discuss whatsherface . . .

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