Mötley Crüe (source: Billboard)

I’ve got Venus, the planet that rules over my ascendant, conjunct my ascendant right now.

Venus transits are the best! She’s the zodiac’s Dr. Feelgood. I know that many people enjoy Jupiter transits more because they’re typically a little more long-lasting, but Venus transits appeal to my decadent nature and my innate vanity. That’s probably a Libra rising thing . . .

Anyway, I don’t even feel like blogging. I’m going to get ready and go to the gym because I’m feeling sociable, charming and even more handsome than usual — if that’s even possible! Then I’m going to come home to knit myself a tank top just like the one that Vince Neil is wearing in the photo above. I know, right?

I actually have a funny Mötley Crüe story that I should share on here sometime, but I’ll leave that for another day. I’m feeling too good to spend any more time at the computer.

See ya . . .

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