Alice Krige (source: Looper)

June 28 is Alice Krige’s birthday.

I probably have looked up Alice Krige’s birthday before because she’s my favorite movie villain of all time (Cristal Connors is up there, too, but I don’t really consider her to be a “villain”). It’s no surprise that the actress has a Cancer sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus: she was born to play “maternal” roles like the Borg Queen in “Star Trek: First Contact.” I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that the mother alien in “Aliens” is a Cancer, too. I mean, look at the way she defended her brood!

Of course, I’m kidding around, but I do believe that a lot of astrologers get Cancer wrong when they discuss the maternal nature of the sign. I don’t see the loving mother personified in most Cancer individuals as much as I see the protective nature on display. I envision a mother bear that would rip you to shreds in order to protect her cubs rather than the sort of creature that wants to give you bear hugs. Of all the zodiac signs, Cancer is the one most closely associated with instinct.

What’s interesting is that I really don’t remember the actress who played the Borg Queen on the TV version of “Star Trek.” I just looked her up (her name is Susanna Thompson, and she’s an Aquarius). It makes sense that she would blend into the collective even while she was trying to stand out.

Anyway, as someone with an elevated Cancer moon and the mother of several cats, you’re just going to have to take my word when I say that I understand this zodiac sign more than the other astrologers. Resistance is futile . . .

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