Giambattista Valli (source: Reuters)

June 27 is Giambattista Valli’s birthday.

I want to like Giambattista Valli more than I do. We were born in the same year and have a few similarities in our natal charts. However, I hate everything about the clothes he designs. Everything!

Anyone who knows me also knows that I loathe “special occasion” dressing and weddings in particular. Perhaps that is why I have never really warmed up to Cancer designer Vera Wang (who incidentally shares Valli’s birthday). But I’m an unromantic Capricorn, so I can admit that we’re not really cut from the same cloth.

I had a look at Valli’s natal chart to see if there was anything interesting there that would help to explain why he bugs me so much. There is a lot of tension between his cardinal planets and mine. Like a lot of people with whom I have difficult relationships, we’re probably more alike than either of us would care to admit. Something about the directness imparted by a cardinal sun/cardinal moon combo rubs me the wrong way (Valli has a Libra moon), even though I also have a cardinal sun and moon.

I wonder if it’s an “alpha” thing, where I want to believe that I am dominant in relationships with double-cardinal individuals? When I look at the people in my life with this natal configuration, I can see some truth to that theory.

It’s something to explore. I’ve always believed that the sun/moon combination provides astrologers with one of the most accurate personality profiles without having to delve too deeply into the natal chart. But maybe it also reveals something about relationships that I’ve never really noticed before.

Hmm . . .

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