Matthew Reese/Nurseryman's Choice - September (13th September 2016)
Rudbeckia (source: Gardens Illustrated)

Summer is almost here!

My garden is full of late-spring bloomers that aren’t even open yet. We had a cold spring in this part of the world. By the time the peonies are done, the Rudbeckia are going to be opening. I usually don’t see that sort of overlap.

To me, Rudbeckia are emblematic of late summer because my garden is typically overflowing with them in September. The reason I was thinking about that time of year is because I was looking at where Mars is going to station during its upcoming retrograde cycle.

The exact point of the station is 28°08″ Aries. The entire retrograde cycle takes place in Aries and lasts a very, very long time. In fact, the planet sits within a degree of that point from about August 29 until September 21. It goes direct in mid-November at 15°14″ Aries, and spends most of the month of November within a degree of that point.

So, what does that mean for you. The late summer aspect will be tough for anyone who has that degree personalized in their natal charts. A Mars station can affect physical energy levels and cause aggression to become bottled up.

Personally, I need to worry about the latter station because it’s within minutes of exactly squaring my natal sun. Also, the same week it stations, Jupiter will be making its final conjunction to my IC — something that only happens about once every twelve years. I’ve written about the relationship between that transit and hitting “rock bottom” several times on this blog. November is going to be a rough month for me if I don’t prepare for the worst right now.

If you have either of these cardinal points highlighted in your own horoscope, do what you can now to ensure that you’re ready for what might be a tough end to summer and an even more difficult fall. Remember that while this Mars retrograde phase is happening entirely within Aries, the Capricorn stellium that has defined much of the past year will still be in full effect. If there is anything that the current Capricorn transits can teach us, it is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Fall is only going to be as crappy as you let it be.

Until then, pay your bills. Get some exercise. Put risky ventures on hold. Drink plenty of water and get your beauty sleep. Wear a mask when you go out in public. Call your mother. Clean your house. Every little boring thing you do right now is going to make the rest of the year seem tolerable.

You can have fun again in 2021. We can all have fun again in 2021.

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