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Olsen Twins (source: W)

Yesterday I posted a thread on my Twitter account titled “HORRIBLE GEMINIS.” I didn’t know why horrible Geminis were on my mind, but they were. Today I realized that the north node is about to move into Gemini for the next twenty months or so. Maybe that’s why I had the sign of the twins on my mind.

I read a brief description of the north node in Gemini transit on another site, but I’m reluctant to include a nodal ingress in one of my own “astrological weather reports.” I don’t believe that the node contributes to the overall climate like the planets do.

Nevertheless, I am curious about what this new phase will mean to me because I actually have my north node in Gemini along with my natal Jupiter. In predictive astrology, conjunctions/oppositions to the natal planets formed by the nodal axis can be quite consequential.

The first contact occurs with my ninth house Jupiter in the middle of September. I was already expecting September to be a fairly important month for me professionally because of the way in which COVID-19 will impact the way we do business at the gym where I work. The second contact with my natal nodal axis happens about a year later, so I’m not too concerned about what it will bring yet. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

Anyway, I am going to look a little more deeply into this upcoming phase because there is Karmic connection with the nodes, and I feel as if I could use some good Karma in my life right about now. Or maybe the universe can dole out some bad Karma to all those horrible Geminis out there instead.

I can dream, can’t I?

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