Crystal Methyd (source: Gay Times)

April 16 is Crystal Methyd’s birthday.

I’ve already watched last Friday’s episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” four times! I’m not exaggerating when I say that it might be the best single episode of “Drag Race” I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, there are three Aries queens still in the race, including Crystal Methyd. I can barely believe that she’s an Aries. It makes sense that Jackie and Widow share the same zodiac sign because they are constantly arguing and rooting for each other to fail. Those Aries bitches are competitive!

So, what happened to Crystal? She demonstrates almost no textbook Aries traits. Maybe sites like “Famous Birthdays” and “Fandom” have her birthday wrong. Or maybe there is something in her natal chart that mutes the energy of her sun sign completely.

Without a time of birth, I really can’t tell. Using the birthday I noted above, I can ascertain that she has a Taurus moon. That could soften the expression of her Aries sun if it was placed strongly in her natal chart. She has Mercury retrograde in Aries just a couple of degrees away from her sun, too. If her rising sign is Libra and both those planets were in the seventh house, that could explain a few things.

But I’m just speculating! Perhaps I’ll discover that “Fandom” has her birthday entirely wrong. They still have Monét X Change listed as an Aries when she clearly is not: her birthday is in February on a day when the sun moved from Pisces into Aquarius right around noon.

Regardless of her sign, Crystal is going to end up being my favorite queen of the current season if she keeps doing what she’s doing. I don’t know when a more likable queen has competed on the show. Adore Delano’s first season, maybe?

I probably just jinxed her. If she’s eliminated from this week’s episode, you can all blame me . . .

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