Victoria Beckham (source: Grazia)

April 17 is Victoria Beckham’s birthday.

I was no fan of the Spice Girls back in the day — I was just too old for that shit. For that reason, it took me a while to come around when Victoria Beckham decided to become a fashion designer.

In “Star Struck Style,” I detail my change of heart as follows:

“When it comes to Aries designers who design for Aries women, there is no one better than Victoria Beckham. I have to admit that I had written her off as a legitimate designer because I had assumed that she was going to be like every other celebrity who attempted to create a fashion brand during the era of celebrity fashion brands. There is a general consensus that she was the least-talented Spice Girl: I thought that she was wooden, boring and a terrible singer. Ergo, I did not expect her sartorial career to knock my socks off. I could not have been more wrong. Almost every season she impresses me with her conviction to appeal to a certain kind of woman: the kind of woman this chapter is about. Sure, she shows a lot of dresses, but she shows the sort of uncomplicated, fit-focused apparel that can make a woman like you want to wear more dresses. She is an inspiration to you all!”

Until a couple of days ago, I had never looked at her natal chart. I’m currently working on a new project that inspired me to do just that, and I can barely believe what I discovered. She not only has a conjunction of Mars and Saturn in her horoscope, but also a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. What’s more, the latter aspect occurs in a manner that has each planet flanking her midheaven. It’s outstanding!

It would take me a few thousand words to go through everything in her chart, so I’m not going to do that. Instead, I will repeat that I was wrong about her. She was destined for greatness. In fact, her life experiences have guided the corresponding chapter of my new project. I guess that you could say that she is my inspiration. I know, right?

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so tough on her in my last book. She is a terrible singer, though . . .

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