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Canadian Money (source: Montreal Times)

Venus moves into Gemini on Friday where it will remain for more than four months because of its upcoming retrograde cycle.

I was looking at where it will spend its time in my own chart. It’s my ruling planet (I have Libra as a rising sign), so its placement often reveals how I’m feeling — especially where vain, superficial pursuits are concerned. I’ve been doing pretty good since I was laid off from work because I’ve got nothing to spend my money on. For a Capricorn, I’m a big money waster. You can’t take it with you, right?

At the moment, Venus is in my eighth house, so maybe that’s why I haven’t had a difficult time dealing with my sudden change of circumstances. Having the planet that rules over discretionary spending in the part of my chart that makes me stop and think about my decadent spending habits has been a cosmic blessing.

However, that’s going to change in about three weeks when Venus moves into my ninth house. Once that happens, the planet stations right on top of my progressed Jupiter in mid-May before it backtracks into my eighth house at the beginning of June. It doesn’t even exit its retrograde shadow until the last few days of July. That’s four months! It’s going to be in Gemini until August 7.

Of course, I’ve got my mind on my money and my money on my mind because of my current circumstances. But this upcoming Venus in Gemini cycle can have have all sorts of implications. “Cafe Astrology” defines the phase like this:

“In Gemini, we have a finger in every pie. Curiosity motivates us on romantic and social levels. ‘Variety is the spice of life’ is the attitude now. We are sociable, communicative, and interested. We can be animated and fun but may also keep our distance on an emotional level. Attractions now may begin with words, as we tend to bond more readily on a mental level with Venus in Gemini. The shadow side of Gemini is fickleness.”

On the positive side, if I’m still housebound for the next four months, I can take advantage of my own communicative nature and innate wordiness. I need to sit down and write something. I also need to promise myself that I will follow up a good idea until I can get a book proposal together. Once that’s done, I can send it to my old agent (who is currently cooped-up in NYC and probably eager to consider new projects while she has some spare time on her hands).

I don’t know where this Venus retrograde cycle occurs in your own chart, but I implore you to have a look at it because it is going to define the next four months — maybe not as much as COVID-19, but you know what I mean, right? And having a plan to make the most out of this mess is probably better than having no plan at all, especially with Jupiter and Pluto conjoining in Capricorn within a day of Venus’ entrance into Gemini. If that’s not an augur of things to come, I don’t know what else is.

The stars have spoken . . .

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