Mike Lindell (source: NBC News)

Mars conjoins Saturn today in the first degree of Aquarius. Expect to be frustrated, especially with things you read on social media.

My advice is to stay away from electronic media altogether if that is the thing that is going to push you to your breaking point. Get off of Twitter before you come across a made-up Tweet that claims MyPillows are COVID-19 vectors because they are manufactured by the disease-bearing victims of a child-trafficking ring in the basement of a walk-in abortion clinic inside a sanctuary city. There is no point in arguing with crazy people you’ve never even met, so don’t put yourself in a position where the only guaranteed outcome of your exchange is complete and utter frustration.

We’re all stuck in the same place today, so fight your impulse to put up a fight because it is only going to make matters worse. This will all seem like a distant memory in a couple of weeks from now as we not only learn to adapt to our new routines, but as we also start to appreciate how being “connected” has made this unprecedented time in our lives more bearable in ways we have not yet processed.

If that means getting offline and avoiding my blog altogether for a couple of days, so be it. Just remember to come back when you’re in a better mood . . .

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