Planets (source: Forbes)

A few big things happen in the sky over the next couple of days. The sun enters Aries tomorrow marking the earliest arrival of spring since 1896. Saturn enters Aquarius on Saturday, too. But the thing that has me paying attention is the meet-up of Mars and Jupiter on the same degree where the Saturn/Pluto conjunction occurred about two months ago. How our lives have changed since then!

Not too long ago, I was blogging about how I felt that March 17 would be a fateful day for me. It was, but not in the way that I expected it to be. I’ve also blogged about how I’ve thought that something bad would happen when these two planets met up on almost the exact same spot as that other fateful conjunction. While I’ve been able to interpret the aspects to determine that something big was coming, my innate optimism has shaded my predictions. I have a ninth-house Cancer moon, so looking at things through rose-colored glasses isn’t unusual for me. I rarely anticipate the worst-case scenario because I haven’t led a tragic life. When I look back to the past to make sense of the future (as people who share my moon sign tend to do), I feel nostalgic about simpler times and “the good old days” rather than fearful or pessimistic. Bad things haven’t happened to me in the past, so why should bad things happen to me now?

So, maybe I’m going to be wrong about this Friday, too. Maybe something terrific will happen, or maybe something even worse will happen. All I know is that this is all happening within a degree of my IC: the absolute bottom of my natal chart. Whatever the universe sends my way this weekend, I’m just going to have to tell myself that the only way to go is up.

On the bright side, spring is almost here. If spending time outdoors is the only thing I’m allowed to do for the next few months, I’ll be fine . . .

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