Venus de Milo (source: My Modern Met)

Venus entered my eighth house this morning where it will remain until April 24. Once it moves into my ninth house, it will begin to slow down as it nears its retrograde cycle. In mid-May, the planet will station at 21°50″ Gemini. Then on June 1, it will reenter my eighth house for another seven-week stay, turning direct on June 26.

While I really need to pay attention to the transit in general, I need to pay special attention to the planet’s first stationary phase because it essentially sits on top of my progressed Jupiter for two weeks in May. Venus transits are usually over almost as soon as they’ve started, so to have such a close aspect endure for a long stretch of time seems like it could be a big deal.

Whatever happens, the planet returns to the same spot in the last few days of July right before it conjoins my natal Jupiter (which sits about two degrees ahead of my progressed Jupiter because Jupiter was retrograde when I was born).

With Venus as my ruling planet, this is the sort of astrological event I need to observe because it should be rather consequential. Looking back at my previous blog posts about Venus transiting my eighth house, I’m not sure that my expectations of what Venus may bring line up with the reality of what Venus actually brings. She seems to be a little more subtle in her influence than I would like her to be.

Nevertheless, in this time of uncertainty, I would be happy with subtlety. Looking good, feeling good, and having less to worry about than people who may have taken on too many responsibilities might just be good enough for me. Only time will tell if I get what I need from Venus over the next few months.

I’m crossing my fingers . . .

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