Zen Garden (source: Wikipedia)

Everything in my horoscope is pointing toward a conflict of some kind today.

Over the past week, I’ve published a couple of posts about these upcoming aspects. Well, the few that didn’t occur yesterday happen today and tomorrow. I had the sun/Neptune conjunction line up exactly in opposition to my natal Pluto. It also happened to be just a few minutes away from conjoining my natal Chiron. Today, I’ve got the sun opposing my natal Uranus, while the full moon conjoins that planet. The orb for the full moon is about three minutes from Uranus’ position in my chart. And if that wasn’t enough, Mars conjoins my natal sun today.

In its interpretation for the latter aspect, astro.com offers me the following advice:

“You should be especially careful in your dealings with supervisors. They will not expect you to be as assertive toward them as you are likely to be today.”

I only have four shifts at work before I go on vacation. The last thing I want to do is to get in a fight at work, so I’m not going to get in a fight at work. I’m going to be as Zen as I possibly can for the next couple of days. I’d rather internalize everything and then burn off my aggression in the gym later on. I don’t want anything negative on my mind when I’m only a few days away from being able to let it all go.

So, if you run into me in real life over the next couple of days and I appear to be a little “tuned-out,” it’s because I am. I’ll be in the Zen garden of my mind until further notice, contemplating the pretty lines that those rocks made after they were raked. Do me a favor and don’t disturb me . . .

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