Justin Bieber (source: NYT)

March 1 is Justin Bieber’s birthday.

I want to like Justin Bieber more than I do. I watched him on “Saturday Night Live” a couple of weeks ago and I was impressed by his talent. Still, he was performing “Yummy,” which might be the stupidest song I’ve ever heard. Who the fuck writes lyrics like that?

I had a look at Justin Bieber’s natal chart and I was surprised to discover that the two of us have four planets in the same houses in our charts: the sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune. It’s a remarkably similar layout, but with all four planets in different signs.

I often look at my third house sun/third house Mercury configuration as a hallmark of my natal chart. I’m a born communicator, and it shows in what I choose to do for a living. But I suppose that having the sun in pragmatic Capricorn makes me far less “poetic” than a Pisces native like Justin Bieber.

Maybe I need to look elsewhere in my horoscope to explain how I developed a way with words. After all, when I use the search tool on to see who else was born with a third house sun/third house Mercury, Justin Bieber is followed by Britney Spears in the popularity-based results. Back to the drawing board . . .

I’m kidding! I’ve discussed this layout before. Other notable names appear in the top twenty search results, too, including my fellow Capricorns Jim Carrey, Stephen Hawking, Cary Grant, Denzel Washington and Edgar Allan Poe. I’m in good company — if I just ignore the other eleven signs of the zodiac.

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