Dinah Shore (source: IMDB)

February 29 is Dinah Shore’s birthday.

When I was a kid, Dinah Shore had a syndicated, daytime talk show, so I was quite familiar with her. However, I really had no idea just how famous she was. According to her Wikipedia bio, she was top-charting female recording artist of the 1940s. That’s quite an accomplishment!

What interests me the most about her natal chart is seeing her tenth-house Pisces sun elevated — just three degrees away from her midheaven. Moreover, her natal Jupiter in Aries also resides in the tenth house (using the Placidus house system, of course).

That’s a very fortunate layout for someone who wants to achieve success in show business. Dinah shore virtually owned the spotlight for five decades. To put her fame in context today, you would have to compare her to someone like Ellen Degeneres. Interestingly, Degeneres has a significant conjunction of Mars and Saturn not far from her midheaven in the tenth house.

What these tenth house planets often indicate in a celebrity’s chart is endurance. The more I pay attention to elevated planets in the horoscope, the more I notice this particular phenomenon. It makes me wonder if anyone else has really studied elevated planets and their effect on the longevity of one’s career.

It makes a lot of sense in theory. Perhaps it’s one of those things I should look into. Unfortunately, I have an elevated moon in the ninth house which makes my attention span wax and wane like the moon itself whenever I see a shiny object off in the distance. So maybe I’ll get to this another time . . .

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